The 2012 Speedway Australia Rising Stars will visit the Australian Institute of Sport next week for an intensive 3 day elite training camp designed to assist them in reaching their motor sport goals.

The AIS program involves a range of different themes that will educate the 8 young drivers about the requirements of being a high level athlete.

Shane Collins of Speedway Australia commented on the 2011 program’s results.

“Last year’s camp results were fantastic, and to see the level of professionalism both on and off the track that group are displaying shows how beneficial the camp and program was.”

“To see some of them go to America and pursue their dreams, or enter into new classes this season is very satisfying, especially knowing that this program helped them get there.”

The 3 day camp will involve education sessions in the following areas:

Psychology: All drivers are both group and individually tested about the thought process before and during their racing.
Diet: How to best fuel the body both before and during a race meeting.
Fitness: The level of fitness that should be obtained to maximise their potential as a driver.
Media: WSS commentator, Wade Aunger, will spend time with the drivers educating them about the positive way to use the media and time on a microphone.
Marketing: Darren Disbury explains the importance of positive marketing and the different ways this can be done to get results for the race team.
Strength: Understanding the advantages that weights training and fitness will provide, and how to train to improve their ability in the car.

As a bonus for the 2012 participants, the AIS will be packed with London 2012 Olympic participants, presenting an opportunity to observe, learn from and rub shoulders with Australia’s finest athletes.

“Not only is the course good for their education,” commented Collins, “the drivers actually become very good friends and stay in touch once they return home, which is great as well.”

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